Author: Elton Barry

Online Picker

Physically preparing all shopping requirements for our online customers



Picking ordered products from our shopfloor

Checking carefully to ensure the right items and quantities are selected

Quality control to ensure items aren’t damaged or expired

Packing items to ensure they arrive in excellent condition

Working with our drivers to ensure a speedy delivery

Working with our dedicated Customer Relations team to resolve any issues



Energy and enthusiasm

Positive attitude at all times

Good English



The way you place items on the shelf will make customers buy more. We are all here for a great customer experience and the little detail will make the biggest impact



You will ensure that shelves and displays are well stocked at all times and are visually appealing

When placing products on the shelves, you are required to check best before and expiry dates and to place the stock that is closest to expiry at the front of the display

It is your responsibility to get stock from the store; when you place products from the pallets onto the shelves, you remove pallets, cardboard and other packaging and dispose of them as per shop procedure

While stocking up, the stacker makes sure that the pricing is always displayed and when there are changes in the system you update the prices accordingly

At the end of the shift or before we close the shop, you will front face the shelves. This brings products to the front of the shelf to give them the look of fullness

You are constantly walking the shop. This is an opportunity to greet customers, offer your knowledge and where possible upsell



Personality and great attitude

Excellent customer approach

Eye for detail



The Cashier makes the shopping experience a great one. You provide customers with fast and friendly service while ensuring accuracy at the sales counter.



Being friendly and providing an excellent customer service. Besides checkout, you help customers find specific products and/or answer questions about current sales or promotions.

Scan all products at the cashpoint in order to determine the amount of money the customer owes. You must be comfortable and confident in all the necessary functions of the system and should be efficient in taking payment and counting back change or processing credit or debit cards.

Responsible for maintaining a float of money in the drawer that must be verified at the beginning and end of the shift by a thorough count.

Scan loyalty cards for discounts and other offers

Keep the cashpoint clean and tidy.

Occasionally, you will bag the groceries after completing the sale.



Personality and great attitude

Excellent communication skills

Attention to detail

New vouchers added to the loyalty scheme

Forestals vouchers within the GS Malta Loyalty Scheme will be expiring on 30 September 2020. Any vouchers in circulation will be accepted by all Forestals outlets until the end of September and any unutilised vouchers will be deemed invalid as of 01 October 2020.

Points will still be given out in in the same manner as before, at all Retail Marketing Supermarkets, and can been redeemed for any of our other gifts including the newly launched vouchers.

You can now choose from:

  • €20 and €50 vouchers from Bridgepoint; or
  • €25 and €50 vouchers from Crosscraft.

For more information, please contact Customer Care at Retail Marketing Supermarkets or click here.

Supermarkets offer 2.5% discount on all purchases for Karta Anzjan holders

Offer available at Park Towers, Valyou, Tower, Trolees and Lasco Supermarkets

Supermarket group Retail Marketing Ltd has announced a special discount that is being applied to all Karta Anzjan card holders on any purchases they make at the following supermarkets: Park Towers Supermarkets (Spinola, St. Julians, Sta. Venera), Valyou Supermarkets (Pendergardens, Naxxar, Mellieha), Tower Supermarket (Sliema), Trolees Supermarket (Qawra), and Lasco Supermarket (Zejtun).

The discount is being provided as a post-COVID relief measure, to assist those who have found themselves in financial difficulty over the past months.

Karta Anzjan holders are invited to present their supermarket loyalty card together with their ID card in person at any of the supermarket Customer Care centres in order to begin benefitting from this discount. Customers who do not have a loyalty card can apply for it at the same customer care desk.

A Retail Marketing representative commented that, “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we sought to help the community through a number of initiatives that included donations to the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation and the Malta Trust Foundation. Now that the worst is over, we want to reach out to our customers who may unfortunately be in some financial difficulties as a result of the recent pandemic, and assist them with a small discount for their daily supermarket requirements.” donates EUR3,000 in shopping vouchers to The Malta Trust Foundation, a newly launched, online-only supermarket, donates EUR3,000 worth of shopping vouchers to The Malta Trust Foundation. The vouchers were pledged in response to an appeal made by Malta Together as part of the Festival of Gratitude and Inspiration, which was held on Sunday 3rd May to thank the health care workers, other front liners and volunteers who are involved in the fight against the medical and social problems brought on by COVID-19.

As the Covid-19 pandemic persists, more and more families and individuals are falling below the poverty threshold, with some even finding it difficult to provide food for their loved ones.

The shopping vouchers, redeemable on, will allow families in need to purchase their groceries online, through the website, and take advantage of their safe, contactless and next day deliveries, that are carried out in collaboration with eCabs Delivers. Products on the website include a vast selection of Malta’s most favourite groceries that one can access from both mobile and desktop.

The beneficiary of these vouchers, The Malta Trust Foundation, has set up a Food Aid Project after it received an overwhelming number of requests from disadvantaged families who are among the worst hit by the coronavirus economic crisis. The Malta Trust Foundation was established by H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca in 2015, and takes concrete action to support disadvantaged young people, in aiming for a brighter future through empowerment and psychosocial initiatives.

Malta Together is a one-stop website where individuals can find anything they may need during this time – including information on helplines, counselling, online services, as well as online classes to ensure that there is plenty to do while people continue to stay at home.

Supermarkets donate over EUR10,000 worth of food to Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

Park Towers Supermarkets, Valyou Supermarkets, Tower Supermarket, Trolees Supermarket and Lasco Supermarket have jointly donated goods with a total value of over EUR10,000 to Malta’s Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. As the local importers of Carrefour products, the supermarkets have supplied the Foodbank with non-perishable goods that the Foodbank has had shortages of, such as pasta, sauces, sugar, juices, UHT milk and cereals.

Foodbank Lifeline provides food packs for the populations’ most vulnerable. “When an individual, couple or family find themselves in a crisis, arising from situations like benefit delays, low income, homelessness, sickness or housing issues, it can take some time for Care Professionals in Malta to find a long-term solution to help them regain some control of their lives. That is where we step in,” explained Jane Mizzi, board member and volunteer of Foodbank Lifeline.

Prior to COVID-19, Foodbank Lifeline was servicing approximately 150 families, usually consisting of four people per family. Since the pandemic outbreak, the Foodbank Lifeline have seen the number of returning familiies more than double in size to almost 400. Due to the pandemic, many families are experiencing set backs, diminishing their progress of making ends meet.

“At the current rate of consumption, Foodbank Lifeline only have enough provisions to last a few months. We are very grateful for this extremely generous donation from these noble supermarkets” commented Jane Mizzi. “We couldn’t be happier to have support from organisations such as these.”

Commenting on why the supermarkets felt the need to make such a substantial donation, David Borg, Head of People, Talent and Development for Retail Marketing Ltd, explained that although the individual supermarkets already worked to help the communities within which they operate, they felt that during these difficult times it was their duty to provide aid on a more national scale. “As importers of Carrefour products, we couldn’t think of a more fit cause than that of the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. We sincerely hope to relieve some of the pressures that many families are facing during this difficult period.”

Attrans Ltd also generously contributed to the cause by transporting the products from the Carrefour warehouse in Italy to Malta, whilst Vincent Zammit & Sons handled transport to the Foodbank Lifeline warehouse in Qormi.

Park Towers Supermarkets, Valyou Supermarkets, Tower Supermarket, Trolees Supermarket and Lasco Supermarket jointly expressed their gratitude to the Foodbank for their efforts and mission aimed at providing effective relief to so many families in our community.

PHOTO: David Borg, Retail Marketing Ltd and Jane Mizzi, Foodbank Lifeline Foundation.