Supermarkets donate over EUR10,000 worth of food to Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

Park Towers Supermarkets, Valyou Supermarkets, Tower Supermarket, Trolees Supermarket and Lasco Supermarket have jointly donated goods with a total value of over EUR10,000 to Malta’s Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. As the local importers of Carrefour products, the supermarkets have supplied the Foodbank with non-perishable goods that the Foodbank has had shortages of, such as pasta, sauces, sugar, juices, UHT milk and cereals.

Foodbank Lifeline provides food packs for the populations’ most vulnerable. “When an individual, couple or family find themselves in a crisis, arising from situations like benefit delays, low income, homelessness, sickness or housing issues, it can take some time for Care Professionals in Malta to find a long-term solution to help them regain some control of their lives. That is where we step in,” explained Jane Mizzi, board member and volunteer of Foodbank Lifeline.

Prior to COVID-19, Foodbank Lifeline was servicing approximately 150 families, usually consisting of four people per family. Since the pandemic outbreak, the Foodbank Lifeline have seen the number of returning familiies more than double in size to almost 400. Due to the pandemic, many families are experiencing set backs, diminishing their progress of making ends meet.

“At the current rate of consumption, Foodbank Lifeline only have enough provisions to last a few months. We are very grateful for this extremely generous donation from these noble supermarkets” commented Jane Mizzi. “We couldn’t be happier to have support from organisations such as these.”

Commenting on why the supermarkets felt the need to make such a substantial donation, David Borg, Head of People, Talent and Development for Retail Marketing Ltd, explained that although the individual supermarkets already worked to help the communities within which they operate, they felt that during these difficult times it was their duty to provide aid on a more national scale. “As importers of Carrefour products, we couldn’t think of a more fit cause than that of the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation. We sincerely hope to relieve some of the pressures that many families are facing during this difficult period.”

Attrans Ltd also generously contributed to the cause by transporting the products from the Carrefour warehouse in Italy to Malta, whilst Vincent Zammit & Sons handled transport to the Foodbank Lifeline warehouse in Qormi.

Park Towers Supermarkets, Valyou Supermarkets, Tower Supermarket, Trolees Supermarket and Lasco Supermarket jointly expressed their gratitude to the Foodbank for their efforts and mission aimed at providing effective relief to so many families in our community.

PHOTO: David Borg, Retail Marketing Ltd and Jane Mizzi, Foodbank Lifeline Foundation.